A tiny tiger tied her tie tighter

to tidy her tiny tail.


Give pappa a proper cup of coffee

in a copper coffee cup.


Betty bought a bit of butter

but the butter Betty bought was bitter.


The skunk sat on a stump

The stump thought the skunk stunk

The skunk thought the stump stunk

Which one stunk, the stump or the skunk?


Sixty six sexy chicks were sailing on six ships,

Six of the sixty six chicks ate fish and chips,

And sixty of the sexy chicks ate chips without the fish,

The six who ate the fish were sick at six past six,

But the sixty sexy chicks kept sailing on the six ships.


Sister Suzie was sewing shirts for soldiers,

She had such skill at sewing shirts,

But sister Suzie was so shy with the soldiers,

That some of the soldiers had to smile at Suzie,

So she would still sew the shirts for the soldiers.


A noisy knobbly kneed gnome,

Had nine nice nieces,

They knocked nine times,

On a nutty knotty knocker.

The nine nice nieces were known to be naughty,

But never never nasty nieces,

After knocking nine times on the nutty knotty knocker,

The nine nice but naughty nieces were knockered out.



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