Always eat breakfast

People who skips breakfast are more likely to be overweight.

Don`t skip meals

People who do often turn to biscuits or lollies for a quick sugar fix.

Push yourself away from the table

To prevent overeating, stop when you feel satisfied rather than uncomfortably full.  As a wise woman once said: the best exercise for losing weight es to push yourself away from the table.

Make water the first option

Have a drink of water if you feel like something between meals because you may need fluids, not food

Drink up

Have two glasses of water before meals to reduce the quantity of food you consume.

Slow down

Allowing at least 20  minutes to eat your meal gives your brain time to register that you are satisfied. So take small mouthfuls and chew your food well.

Eat at the table

Don`t mindlessly eat in front of the TV. By eating together as a family at the dining table, it slows down food consumption.

Keep track of your weight

Weigh yourself weekly to monitor what`s happening with your weight.

Eat rainbows

The easiest way to ensure a healthy intake of protein, fat, carbs, vitamins and minerals is to always have a colourful array of foods on your plate.

Spice up your diet

Herbs and spices are rich sources of antioxidants so add oregano and mint to your Greek salad, a few basil leaves to your tomato salad and lemongrass, ginger and chilli to your favourite Thai salad dressing.

Make mine wholegrain

Choose wholegrain breads and other grain foods instead of overly processed varieties because they are the best energy foods for the brain and working muscles.

Balance your plate

To get the right balance to your meal, divide your plate in two and fill one half with vegetables or salad. Then divide the other half into two and fill one half with lean meat, fish or poultry and the other with rice and noodles etc.

Choose healthy oils

Good fats are found in olive oil and other nut and seed oils, nuts and oily fish. Keep saturated fats found in fatty meals, full-fat dairy, biscuits, cakes, creamy dressings and pies and pastries to a minimum.

Keep your portions in check

Reduce the size of your crockery. The larger the bowl, the more we tend to put in it.

Forget the salt

Adding extra salt to food affects the health of blood vessels, kidneys and bones.

Don`t serve soft drinks

Have a jug of water on the table instead of drinks high in sugar. If you don`t like the taste of water, add a few slices of orange lemon or lime for extra zing.

Eat fruit for dessert

Involve your children in preparing fruit plater so they are more likely to eat the fruit.

Drink less alcohol

A glass of red wine a day may be good for you, but excessive alcohol consumption isn`t. Having up to two standard drinks a day with two alcohol-free days a week is deemed as drinking in moderation.


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