Value you sex life

A good sex life offers fantastic health benefits. It`s free entertainment, a terrific way to release stress and a great way to bond with your partner.

Go dancing

Dancing creates good feelings, builds confidence and burns kilojoules.

Choose music

Music soothes, calms and creates a nice setting for closeness.

Dress to impress

There`s something seductive about dressing up for someone you love. It shows care and consideration

Be honest

Be honest about what you like and don`t like in the bedroom. Honesty is vital for close intimacy.

Leave love notes

It makes your partner feel good because they know you`re thinking about them.

Make eye contact

Look into your partner`s eyes when speaking, kissing or making love. Your eyes will transmit all your loving thoughts.

Keep kissing

Over time, many man and women stop kissing their partner – don`t.

Take a bubble bath together

The intimacy of sharing a warm bubble bath together creates a wonderfufl bond.


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