1.  Resolve conflicts

If there is an ongoing conflict in your family, get a mediator. Don`t have long, exhausting discussions that never end.

2.  Share your feelings

Your family needs to know how you are feeling – good or bad. So let them know. Good communication is the basis of a happy family.

3.  Don`t sweat the small stuff

Life`s too short to dwell on petty issues. Toss them over your shoulder and move on.

4.  Parents deserve quiet time

Children need to learn that parents need a time that is just theirs. Allowing quiet time for parents is your family`s investment in you.

5.  Keep calm

Yelling and screaming at teenagers just causes them to do the same thing. Count to 100 and resume the conversation when you have calmed down. Remember you are the adult!

6.  Listen more

Don`t  be the one to do all the talking. Learn to listen and it will keep lines of communication open.

7.  Choose your battles

Stand your ground with your kids over issues that relate to safety and wellbeing, such as sex, drugs, alcohol, curfews, sleep, exercise and what they do online. No one has ever died of an untidy room.

Stick to it

8.  Use humour

In difficult times, family members respond well to humour, especially if it is not a put-down.

9.  Set clear boundaries

When you are setting teen boundaries look for compromises. For example, most teens don`t want to go on holiday with the family but it can be more palatable if they can take a friend.

10.     Give positive feedback

Do not constantly remind family members of past mistakes.

11.     Let some things slide

Don`t comment on everything. Let some things go through to the keeper.


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