Just, already, and yet

(Present Perfect and Simple Past – Part 2)

— Just (= a short time ago/ a pouco tempo atrás)

Usamos “just” com o “present perfect” ou o “simple past”

A: Are Mary and Martha in the building?

B: Yes, they‘ve just arrived. or Yes, they just arrived.

A: Are you thirsty?

B: No, I‘ve just had water.        or I just had water.

A: Is Ronald home?

B:  Sorry, he‘s just left. or Sorry, he just left.


Already (= before you expected / before I expected / antes do esperado)

Usamos already com o “present perfect” ou o “simple past”.

A: What are your children coming?

B: They‘ve already arrived. or They already arrived.

A: It’s only 6 P.M., and Peter has already gone to bed. or Peter already went to bed.

A: Diane, this is Paul.

B: Yes, I know. We‘ve already met. or We already met.


— yet (= until now / até agora)

Usamos yet com o “present perfect” ou o “simple past”.  Usamos yet nas frases negativas (I havn’t … yet) e interrogativas (Have you … yet?). Yet é usado normalmente no final da frase.

yet  en frases negativas

A: Are your students here?

B: No, they haven’t arrived yet. or No, they didn’t arrive yet. (mas B: está esperando que eles cheguem breve.)

A: Does Paul know that you’re going home?

B: No, I haven’t told him yet. or No, I didn’t tell him yet. (mas B: irá falar para ele breve.)

Brenda bought a new house, but she hasn’t moved in yet. or but she didn’t move in yet.

yet em frases interrogativas

A: Have your daughters arrived yet? or Did your daughters arrive yet?

B: No, not yet. We’re still waiting for them.

A: Have you started your new course yet? or Did you start you new course yet?

B: No, I’m starting it next month.

A: This is my new jacket.

B: Oh, it’s pretty. Have you worn it yet?    or Did you wear it yet?


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