Where Does The Snow Come From?

People everywhere in the world have stories and legends to explain the weather. These were made up long before scientists knew what was really happening. People also have special sayings to “make” weather happen, change or stop.

Here’s a chant to say when the snow begins to fall and you want it to keep falling.

Snow, snow,  faster!
Ally, ally-blaster!
The old woman’s plucking her geese,
Selling the feathers a penny apiece.

Have you ever looked closely at goose feathers or down? They look like snowflakes, so it’s not suprising someone thought of feathers when it snowed.

You can also say this at the first snowfall:

Snow, snow, faster
The cow’s in the pasture.

And when you are tired of it falling, try:

Snow, snow, give over,
The cow’s in clover!

Canada‘s Special Days by Caroline Parry

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