Halloween is mainly a holiday for children. They dress up in costumes. They go from door to door. Some of them shout, “Trick or treat.” Some of them shout, “Shell-out, shell-out.”

When the children come to the door, they want you to give them treats. You can give them nuts, candies or chocolates. You should wrap them in paper first.

Some children collect money for UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund). It is a good idea to have some small change ready for them.

Adults also celebrate Halloween. They hold parties and dress up in costume.

Halloween has a long history. It goes back to the Romans. At this same time of year they made a big feast. They honoured the goddess of the fruit trees.

Years later, in England, people held a religious feast at this time of year. They honoured the Christian saints. This feast was called the Feast of AU Saints. The word “Halloween” meant “holy evening” — the evening before the Feast of All Saints.

Today, Halloween is not a religious holiday. It is a time for fun.

A long time ago people believed that on Halloween the spirits of dead people carne back to visit their homes.

Nowadays some people dress up as ghosts. You can also see black cats and witches on broomsticks.

Many people nave a pumpkin in their house at Halloween. They clean out the inside of the pumpkin. Then they cut out a face, and put a candle inside. This is called a Jack o’ Lantern.

Experts tell us what we should do for a safe Halloween. This is what they say:

1. Children should wear light or bright colours só that motorists can see them on the road.

2. Children shouldn’t wear masks. They should wear make-up on their faces instead of masks só that they can see the cars.

3. Sometimes a sadistic person will put razor blades into an apple and give the apple to a child. Parents should look at treats before their children eat them.

4. A small child shouldn’t go out alone on Halloween. He should go out with an adult or an older child.

Happy Halloween!


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